The Drainage Solution (HDPE)

Over the past several years every where in the world ( except India ) the specification and use of dual wall HDPE corrugated pipe for drainage / storm water disposals has increased dramatically based on factors such as the pipe's strength, durability, joint integrity and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Results show that forward-thinking municipalities are realizing the future of the drainage / storm water management relies on the best technology.

These pipes offer the end user the mechanical strength of metal pipes while eliminating the known deficiencies of corrosion, considerable weight and electrical conductivity with its potentially devastating effect. In other words, in these pipes, all the advantages of metals and polymers have been wisely collected, and their disadvantages have been eliminated.

Corrugated polyethylene pipe offers important engineering design characteristics such as; enhanced hydraulic flow, unparalleled chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance, joint integrity and superior strength.

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