Drainage & Sewerage (HDPE)

  • Sub-soil drainage system for Sewarage, Highways / Roads, Sports-field / Stadium & Agricultural Farms

For past several years every where in the world double wall corrugated pipes of HDPE are in use for drainage /sewerage/ storm water disposals due to their strength, durability, easy jointing systems and most cost effectiveness. GEMINI BRAND HDPE Corrugated pipes are manufactured from best quality raw materials of renowned manufacturers and with sophisticated technology.

BIS specification of ISI Mark for HDPE Corrugated pipes for these purpose is under consideration and will be introduced soon. Relevant International Specifications are -:

  • BS EN 13476-1:2007, BS EN 13476-2:2007, BS EN 13476-3:2007
  • pr EN 13476-1, 2 and 3


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