Advantages & Features (DWC)

It has been observed by various authorities that the use of HDPE DWC pipes as ducting material have not only reduced the damages to the cables but also reduced the revenue losses and thereby contributing to profit generation of the user organizations.

The major advantages are that it saves in consumption of raw material i.e. it requires less raw material in comparison to solid wall PVC or HDPE Corrugated Pipes because of its corrugated shape / profile without reducing compression resistance strength of pipe.

The other advantages of this unique corrugated design are maximum load bearing strength with more life span.

  • Very good resistance to corrosion.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Weathering is less.
  • Raw material saving.
  • Excellent Ring Stiffness.
  • Chemically inert & environmentally safe.
  • Good impact strength.
  • Smooth inner wall, hence minimum Friction loss.
  • When bend, the roundness of pipe is retained.
  • Moderate flexibility takes care of Soil Settlement if any.
  • Takes heavy earth loads.
  • Easy jointing using couplers provided by our company.
  • Available with Anti Rodent & Non Flame Propagating properties


  • Anti Rodency:
  • Non Flame Propagating Properties:
  • Permanently Lubricated Silicore Inner layer:
  • To avoid rodent Attacks
  • Protection with resistance to flame Propagating.
  • With extra smooth inner layer to facilitate blowing optical fiber cable.

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